A Pluriversal Volume
UAL MA Sound Arts 2023 Postgraduate Show
Dilston Gallery, London
30.11.23 - 03.12.23

vibrant, vital flows of matter
seeping out, flowing between
engaging the body up-close,
proximal and present
a fluid un-tethering

(IN)SINCERE LATENCY is an investigation into material realities through sonic sensibility. Motivated by an interest in the blurring of internal, external, and non-realities, the work highlights the unruly volatility of sonic knowledge and its potential for disrupting a singular, objective reality.

A fatty body of organic matter, hanging from a butcher’s hook, slowly melts forming a pile of fleshy remains on the glass below. Chains continue through the body, emerging from the sticky carcass, symbolising the shackles of ingrained ideologies and provoking a sense of abjection at the bodily horror. A deep amber hue renders the clinical scene ambiguous, as the work reaches out into the space - grasping the audience in its thermal and sonic agency. The sound of dripping punctuates the space, marking the passage of time and allegorising the inevitability of death.

The work employs the relational logic of sound and its ephemeral invisibility to trace intra-actions through listening and consider the diffracted vibrational overlaps of bodies. It emphasises subjectivity, to know the world through intimacy and proximity, in an entanglement of human and more-than-human contingent matter.

Sine Cera – Latin for ‘Without Wax’ – etymology of ‘Sincere’

Photography by Mischa Haller