Intimacy w/ FIN


For this episode of Intimacy, FIN will guided us through a new configuration of Sous Vide, an ongoing series of performances exploring the vacuum bag as a body and site to listen within. Contact microphones are used as the deep-sea divers surveying the abyssal vacuum, helping us to gain a closer insight into the violence of an environment collapsing in on itself.

Intimacy w/ Temporary Media Collective


Stella Chin-ting Yang - Chemical or Physical?
Martyn Riley - Red Datsun*White Jag
Elliot Buchanan - (IN)SINCERE LATENCY
Jeremy Kent - Relic
DDS - Caving
Benjamin Harrison - An Act of Deliberate Attention
Reid Dudley Peirson live at counter-mapping
Ilya Gurin Babayeu - room pt4
Ilya Gurin Babayeu - zone gra
Rupert Galea live at counter-mapping
Maxine Hayes - Inhabit
Elliot Buchanan - to hold your voice in my hand

Intimacy w/ Elliot Buchanan


Wichita Lineman, Telephony, Phantom Locus, Le Navire Night, Unattainable Desire

Sketch 1
Glenn Campbell - Wichita Lineman
Alan Lamb – Night Passage
Asha Sheshadri – Whiplash
Alvin Lucier – The Wire IV
Extract from John Merrick – Enter Ghost
Found voicemail
Call to Joe in Nicaragua
Daunt - Ken
Sam Kidel - DIY Version
Found voicemail
Call to Hang at work in Paris
Extracts from Marcel Proust – À la recherche du temps perdu
Call to Martyn getting a celebrity haircut on Kings Road
Coil pick-up improv
Found voicemail
Extract from Le Navire Night
Eisuke Yanigasawa – Kinshozan
Tape recording of car journey to the studio
Extract from Avital Ronell – The Telephone Book
Sketch 2
Softening – xaaa
Found voicemail
Found voice note 
Felix Blume – Rumours from the Sea
Raven Chacon - Singing Toward The Wind Now / Singing Toward The Sun Now

The Sound of Criticism  

Elliot Buchanan, Ben Harrison, Kezheng Li, Steven Lui, Xinyue Sheng
Resonance FM

In a medium that once heard voices of the dead in the radio waves, this programme speculates other worlds in a rhizomatic exploration of dream-like states, memories and spectral voicings. It asks, what knowledge can be assumed from oneiric recitations and how can metaphysical experiences allow for alternate realities? The final part in a four part series, developed as part of a London College of Communication, UAL, MA Sound Arts workshop in which the participants engaged in the role of written art criticism within discourse and its presence in a sound work.

Embracing Slowness


A Thousand Plateaus

Sable Radio

A Thousand Plateaus

Sable Radio

A Thousand Plateaus

Sable Radio

Body Clock

Sable Radio

Body Clock

Sable Radio