to hold your voice in my hand
Installation and Performance

barbed wire, speaker, answering machine, lamp, custom sticker

Temporary Media Collective
The Crypt Gallery, London
08.02.24 - 11.02.24

to hold your voice in my hand explores telephony and its relationship to space, absence and the human condition. Through a telephone conversation between two individuals with an ambiguous relationship, the uncanny medium of the telephone is investigated through notions of distance, virtuality, interference, isolation and desire.

Telephony both attests to and disrupts distance. It rethinks timespace as unfixed, transitory and placeless. Voices meeting in a phantom locus, simultaneously present and absent. The disembodied voice at the end of the line, a simulacrum, isolated and speaking into the abyss of distance. Memento mori.

But who is calling and what is the reason for the call? To answer the phone is to respond to an order. It is an affirmation

“I am here”

The flotsam of ambient noise, static and interference fractures the illusion of intimacy as the unknown lifeworld of the other creeps into the receiver, exposing the inability to securely possess the being on the other end.

Voice Actors:
Anna Roy
Catie Ridewood