Words World Worlds
London College of Communication
20.02.23 -  24.02.23

Words World Worlds investigates worlding and the role of narrative in the proliferation of hegemony. In response to Ursula Le Guin’s The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, the rhizomatic assemblage resembles an emptied cultural carrier which reveals a non-linear narrative of gathering and connection to objects, memories, identity, place, and people.

Un-heroic stories of relationships with pets, parents, and buildings weave threads through a chaotic multiplicity of small sounds and field recordings that reveal the dynamic simultaneity of space in which the audience becomes entangled. Through these stories, the objects and photographs in the space become powerful representations of people, emotions, and relationships.

The work challenges hegemony and patriarchal ideologies through highlighting acts of gathering and sharing, promoting community, and appreciating the everyday.

Presented as part of the MA Sound Arts ‘Work in Progress’ show at LCC, London.